Like Humpy Dumpty, I fall from the sky. I tumble and turn. There’s nowhere to hide.

I  feel the wind as it rips through my soul. It steals my last breath. I’ve got nothing to hold.

The wall from which I fell acts as my shield. Its only purpose is to protect and conceal.

I’m proud of this wall. I built it myself. Every flaw. Every mistake. Every choice that I make. All carefully stacked behind an endless sea of bricks. By the way… these are all off limits to you. So don’t ever look!

Among the rubble of choices and countless regrets lives a girl by the name I will never forget. Locked away in a castle, or maybe a prison, this girl has a name, but none will be given.

Life is only what you let in. It is only what you share. The rest is an illusion so why should you care? Besides… this girl isn’t even real. At least not to you.

“It’s ok,” says the girl.

“Climb the wall. The flaws are old and tired. The mistakes have long since been corrected. Ignore what they say outside the wall. I will be here, guarding the secrets behind the wall.”

So I climb higher than the tallest mountain. So many flaws hidden beyond this wall. Each one tells a story. A secret. A hidden heartache.

I crawl over my flaws, around mistakes, and through my choices. If I’m not careful , I will be swallowed whole. Failure is always an option.

I hear the girl behind me. “Climb faster,” she yells. So I do.

Standing on top of my wall, I can finally see the world around me. Cold. Dark. Quiet. An eerie place filled with nothing but walls.

By the looks of it… many of us are skilled brick layers. Some walls are smaller than mine, others… not so much.

Then it happens!

I feel a cold hand push against my back. I begin to fall. Like Humpty Dumpty, I wait for the inevitable splat!

But, falling isn’t the scary part. Neither is the splat.

You see… I’m not making this trip alone. Some of my flaws and imperfections have hitched a ride with me as I crawled from beneath their weight. Perhaps I could use them to break my fall. But, if I do that, they will be scattered on the ground before me, outside the wall, for all the world to see.

What will people think? What will people say? More importantly, what’s going to happen to the girl behind the wall?

Thud! I landed on my ass and my imperfections (perhaps they’re really just one in the same). And that’s when I heard it:

“Don’t worry,” said the girl behind the wall. “You got this!”