It’s been said that if you choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. But, is it true? I think so!

I was hired for my first technical job when I was seventeen. It was with a small computer repair company, and my primary responsibility was to refurbish Dot Matrix printers. While the job itself wasn’t that great (basically I was part of an assembly line), I was excited about having been given the opportunity to do something in the technical field.

After a few months, I worked my way up to the coveted position of Hand Held Computer Repair Technician. Of course, back then… hand held computers were about the size of a small one bedroom apartment. Nonetheless, it felt good to be learning something new and to be “moving up” the proverbial “corporate” ladder.

Fast forward twenty-something years later…

I’m still learning, and I’m still doing what I love. In fact, I’m doing it more now than ever before!

Last April (2013), it was announced that I was developing Scrivener for iOS. Unfortunately, and because of other commitments, I was only able to devote a portion of my time to its development. However, as of September (2013), that all changed.

Late last year, I made the decision to dedicate more of my time to doing what I love… which included developing for Literature & Latte, full-time. That’s right, folks… full-time!

For the past few months, and without much “internet” buzz, I’ve been completely focused on developing Scrivener for iOS. You can read more about the development process/progress at Literature & Latte’s forum:

Before wrapping up this post, I just want to say thanks to everyone for your patience and support. I know we’re all eager to have a fully functioning version of Scrivener for iOS on the App Store, and I know many of you (myself included) have been waiting for what seems to be an eternity. I’m optimistic that it’ll all be worth the wait!

Keith has an amazing desktop version, and we want the iOS version to be nothing short of awesome!

As it turns out… awesome just takes a little longer. =)