“Don’t poke it with a stick. What will you do if it wakes up?” she asked.

He leaned over, grabbed a stick, and poked it squarely in the eye. That’s when he realized, he awoke the beast.

“RUN!” she yelled.

But, it was too late. The sleeping Lioness was asleep no more. With great pride, she rose up from her slumber. She stared at the pair wondering what to do. To give chase would require an unknown amount of energy. How far would they run? Would there be hills? And streams? What’s on the other side of that mountain, she wondered. Who would take care of her cubs in her absence? The answer to that question, she feared, was no one.

So instead of tracking the strange humans who had disrupted her slumber, the great Lioness pulled her cubs closer. She wrapped her strong paws around them. For nothing in life is worth more to her than her cubs. Not even two stupid humans.