My first experience with MIDI was back in the late 80s. My mother bought me an old MIDI-enabled electronic piano/keyboard. Instantly, I was hooked!

Creativity is everywhere, and it comes in many forms. Some draw, some write, some develop software.. and some make music!

Whether you’re looking to blow off some creative steam or enhance your electronic music making experience, the Launchpad S is for you. With this device, you to create rhythms, melodies, loops, and samples. As if that wasn’t cool enough, you can even create entire songs and mix them all together.

Check out what this thing can do!


The Launchpad S, made by Novation, is a MIDI controller for Ableton Live. Because it’s MIDI class-compliant, the Launchpad S will also work with FL Studio and other music software. As an added bonus, the device is iPad compatible.

Novation offers a free app. However, a Camera Connection Kit is required if you want to connect it to your iPad.

It boasts 64 three-color velocity-sensitive launch pads, 8 assignable and 8 unassignable three-color buttons. The Launchpad S is USB powered which means you can take it anywhere and not have to worry about outlets or battery life.

Ableton Software

The Launchpad S comes with Ableton Live Lite Launchpad Edition. And, to be honest, if you’re expecting to plug this device in, launch the software, and start creating your masterpiece… well… you may hit a bump or two along the way.

Luckily, Novation has a great video tutorial series to get you going.

Within one hour, my son and I were adding effects and making music. My apologies for the bad lighting.

iOS App

If you’d rather skip the Launchpad S MIDI controller because it’s more than you wanted to spend, or maybe it’s somewhat intimidating, don’t worry… there’s another alternative. The Novation Launchpad App, for iOS.

This free app works on both your iPhone and your iPad. It comes preloaded with some wicked cool sounds ready for you to mix. It also comes with some pretty hot effects: Stutters and Filters (Low pass and Band pass).

As mentioned before, the Launchpad S is compatible with the iPad, so if you have an iPad and a Launchpad S… you’ll be able to seamlessly control and trigger the Launchpad App, like a boss!

Find out more about the Novation Launchpad App:

In Conclusion


If you’re looking for a way to find your creative-self, or maybe just a great way to bond with your kids… I highly recommend the Launchpad S and the Launchpad App, from Novation.

The Launchpad S sells on Amazon for about $150. It’s a powerful controller for the price.