logo_stage1@2x In just a few short weeks I’ll be speaking at the first ever RWDevCon. I’m scheduled to give two talks… a tutorial talk and an inspiration talk. You can see the schedule for details.

While I’m excited to give the tutorial talk, it’s the inspiration talk I’m looking forward to the most. In this talk I’ll be speaking about possibility. And, boy, let me tell you… the possibilities in life are endless.

So much is happening! From speaking at RWDevCon, to recently updating my site, to being part of the amazing team at L&L.

Things are over-the-top amazing right now, and I couldn’t be happier.

But, it’s not just me! Amazing things are happening all around me. My brother just released his first album, Hand Me Down Soul. My mom is starting a new and exciting project. And, my dog is feeling a lot better!


Nothing is impossible, folks.

Hard? You betcha! Impossible? Nope. Not at all.

A little more than twenty years ago I was a mess. A self-destructive, horrible mess. I made every mistake possible. Poor decisions clung to me like lint in a dryer trap. I was – by all accounts – a loser.

Thankfully, I climbed out of that hole. It’s a dark and scary place down there. But, I promise you that if you just reach for the better feeling thought (every single day) eventually you’ll find yourself standing at the top. It’s a great feeling… doing something you think is impossible.

Please never give up on your dreams.