You said it was to save us.

You said it was to protect us.

You said so many things without knowing the impact of your words.

What have you done to the sleeping beast?

Didn’t you see it before you decided to speak?

You acted without thought.

You judged without knowing.

You proceeded without caution.


You stirred the sleeping giant.

You gave rise to the monster within.

You opened the gates of Hell and now the darkness is here.

No need to run. It’s not after you.

The blood of the keeper is what it will drink.

It will rip at her heart.

It will tear at her soul.

It will rise again.

Its truth will be told.

But, you do not care.

Your job here is done.

You saved the world from… ???

Wait. What exactly did you save it from?

The chains were so tight.

The key… no where to be found.

But, somehow you managed.

And, now it runs free. The monster, the beast, the unspeakable me.

You unleashed an animal very few have seen.

It will destroy its keeper, you wait and you’ll see.

You unleashed this Hell. Remember, not me.

When you look into the eyes of the tired dead ghost… a reflection of self is what you will see.

The monster, the beast, the unspeakable me.

~ Dedicated to a very good friend of mine. You know who you are! You will endure, as you always do. We love you! P.S. The monster likes cookies. =)