I’ve been writing a handbook for survivalists. My hope is to have it done in about six-weeks from now. But, as many of you already know, I take on a lot of projects and sometimes it’s hard to get them all done.

Anyway… the handbook has a section dedicated to packing your survival gear (aka, your bug-out-bug). While researching what others have in theirs (as I’m sure not every bag is packed like mine), I came across the following:

“What’s in your survival pack?”

“A bottle of vodka, some pain killers, and a carving knife which I plan to use to cut my jugular after consuming the first two items. And nothing else. I am simply not equipped for post-apocalyptic life.”

Well then… there you go! Anonymous Coward has it all figured out. That’s awesome! Ha Ha! Ha!

Feel free to comment on the contents of your bag! Or not… =)