He looked at her, and through his crooked teeth she heard him whisper, “Just because you have so much to live for, doesn’t mean you will.”

She closed her eyes; the world fell away. Her memories quietly resting on the edge of darkness… like the promise of a ‘wish come true’ as the coin descends to the bottom of the fountain.

Her first kiss. The time she and her best friend drove for hours just for a coffee and some late night shenanigans. The day her daddy walked her down the isle. The moment they handed her the baby boy she felt incapable of raising. The deafening sound the rain made as she and her lover held hands while they weathered storm after storm… together.

And yet, there he was. Waiting… with his crooked teeth and blood-red eyes. Waiting for her to take her last breath.

She looked at him. No, she looked through him.

“It doesn’t mean you will, ” she said.