T’was the night before Christmas; Saint Nick’s on his way.
Revenge on his mind, and blood on his sleigh.

His reindeer are dead, but not how you think.
Still moving and grunting; they’re starting to stink.

The jolly brigade, which happens no more.
Replaced by these zombies; let’s head for the door.

We grab up the guns, and the ammo we need.
Run out of the house, half drunk on the mead.

The fat man is here; he’s shouting once more.
“I warned you to leave. Let’s settle the score!”

For those who don’t know, t’was a horrible scene.
The zombies turned Nick, back in twenty-fourteen.

The snarling; the growling; it grows as we near.
When all of the sudden, the fat man appears.

With no time to think, my family takes aim.
We stagger. We stumble. We kinda look lame.

But that’s when it happens, the army arrives.
They’re locked and they’re loaded, and carrying knives.

There’s Elic… and Sherrie… and Angela too.
And Chip follows closely, but none of us knew.

To the left of the house was the family of Todds.
They’re headed this way, and changing our odds.

But what happens next, the records will show.
A Tennessee winter… why is there snow?

Confused and distracted, we stare up at the sky.
Outnumbered and hopeless, Saint Nick starts to cry:

“Hey Donner and Dasher, I need you right here!”
“We won’t win this fight, at least not this year.”

“But don’t worry Freaks, we’ve only just started.”
And off with a flash, the fat man departed.

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