Client Work

Literature & Latte
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Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents.

Tammy worked with Literature & Latte on their iOS version of Scrivener.


Nickelfish Interactive Design & Marketing
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Nickelfish is an interactive design and marketing firm located in Mendham, NJ. They were recently acquired by Endava.

Tammy worked on a variety of interactive mobile and web applications while working with Nickelfish.

  • iMore Application (iOS)
    – Objective-C, CSS, HTML, JavaScript

  • Genentech Patient Assistant (iOS)
  • – Objective-C, CSS, HTML, SalesForce

  • Howard Berger Application (iOS)
  • – Objective-C, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

  • RCI Application (iOS/Android/Blackberry)
  • – Objective-C, Java, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

  • RCI Affiliate Application (iOS)
  • – Objective-C, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

  • Prudential Retirement Calculator (iOS/Android/Blackberry)
  • – Objective-C, Java, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

  • Barker Black Backend Website
  • – CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

nicklefish interactive design

Team Industrial Services
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Team Industrial Services is the worldwide leader in minimizing equipment and asset downtime and maximizing performance by providing critical services.

Tammy developed an iPad (iOS) app for Team Industrial Services which helped their service teams collect customer data while in the field. Technicians were able to collect this data and track the on-call service time. Plus, technicians were able to capture a customer signature and send all of this information back to the home office.

team industrial

Core VIS
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Core VIS is a recognized leader in the Remote Visual Inspection market. Their sole focus is on industrial RVI products and services.

Tammy developed a cross-platform desktop application to assist with the collection of visual inspection data. Technicians needed an easy-to-use system for creating an interactive inspection CD from the data they collected on their service jobs. She also continues to create many custom interactive inspection CDs for them as well.

core vis